Hello, I am Ben Robinson, I am a writer and a poet from the United Kingdom. I have a new poetry book out called Alas the day, which is now available to buy on Amazon. Alas the day, my poem, is about oppression, ignorance and hate and the erosion of freedom of speech.

I have always enjoyed poetry and writing. I first began writing poetry around the age of ten years of age. I had a very good English teacher at my first school who was brilliant and encouraged me and truly inspired me. Having an inspiring English teacher really got me off to a good start. I now have thirty books of poetry written. This has taken me over four years of work. I find writing very therapeutic, and enjoy writing out in the countryside and I find great inspiration there, and in the people I meet. I especially love the coast, the coast in Dorset, the county I was born has a beautiful coastline, which is truly inspiring.