In a world filled with confusion,

a placed filled with unhappinness,

do you often wonder, why the world is in such a mess,

and when you do,

do you know what you can do,

you can do the strudelhofen,

yes, you,

you can throw a strudel at a man on a bicycle if you wish to,

and you also can throw a strudel at the miserable,

and throw a strudel at yourself too,

because what is better than laughter,

to heal you,

and when you throw a strudel make sure you do it often,

because your jaded heart will soften,

and a smile will be upon your face in no time at all,

yes, go on,

you can throw a strudel at the short and the tall,

and you can throw a strudel at an alien,

and you can throw a strudel at the angriest of animals and calm them too,

so do do do the strudelhofen,

yes, do it do it often,

and lift your arm in the air,

and throw a strudel without a care,

because doing the strudelhofen is good for you,

and no matter how far you throw it,

you will know it was the right thing to do,

when you hit someone in the face with a strudel,

they will instantly love you,

oh, yes it is true,

because who would not love an unexpected strudel in the face,

especially one that smells so great,

and imagine biting into a free strudel,

and how much good it would do you,

so go on and throw a strudel,

at woman, at a man, at a space alien, at a poodle,

and then together we all can join hands across the many lands,

and throw a strudel or two,

and bring world peace,

because how beautiful it is,

when a strudel through the air is released,

so go on,

do the strudelhofen,

and do it often,

and put a smile upon someones face,

because there is no time to be wasted when you see an unhappy person,

and you know how much better they will feel if you throw a strudel in their face,

so go on, you know you want to,

do do do the strudelhofen,

and do it do it often,

yes, do the strudelhofen,

on the planet Earth,

and crossing the universe too,

because wherever you are,

whether near or far,

it is better than playing guitar,

and better than throwing a guitar at someone too,

so do do the strudelhofen,

and watch peoples hearts melt and help bring world peace,

because world peace will give us more time for throwing strudels,

and there is nothing better than being hit in the face by a strudel,

and it is healthy too!