The day was Wednesday, and the crew of the spaceship had recovered from being attacked by the flesh-eating aliens from MAM the day before and by each other.    Brian, Cedric, Salomina and Karen had rather sore heads and could not really remember what had actually happened at all. Betty had to remind them about yesterday’s events, which were firmly lodged in Betty’s memory banks. Brian, Cedric, Salomina, and Karen were sat in the lounge area and were drinking cups of tea and hot chocolate, and they were all in a quiet mood, and a bit confused to say the least. The flesh-eating aliens from MAM, used telepathic devices to brainwash you on a temporary basis, and develop a lust for human flesh. This of course, you never have had had before, and it was a rather terrible situation. I did not really quite know what to do, and I was a bit beside myself, because you were all fighting each other, and were trying to eat each other. Obviously, this was not something that I have ever had to deal with before whatsoever and never wish to ever again, and according to my software encyclopaedias, human flesh does not taste very nice at all, even if seasoned with the finest herbs.