Now Brian is a man for all seasons, so let us forget his taste in food, and let me get to his fashion sense. Brian is wearing what used to be called lederhosen, and no, it is not his usual choice of clothing, but the crew have been more bored than you can possibly imagine, and they have even considered sending out an SOS message, in the slim chance of getting to talk to another sentient being. Yet in all probability no human contact would happen at all, and it would probably most likely be a robot that would arrive in the rescue spacecraft, and not an attractive man or women whatsoever, but that’s life when travelling through the loneliness of space. Yes, space, is a beautiful place, but a very boring place at times. A place where you can easily go out of your mind. A place where you wish that you could stop dreaming of distant planets with happy lifeforms, because 99.9% of the time there is very little sign of sentient beings at all.