“Fantastic.” said Cedric, I hope that Gertrude will do a better job of cleaning the ship as a woman, because she was terrible before!” Karen laughed at this and said, “Well, I hope so, because he, er I mean she, has not been doing a great job at all lately has she, and instead of doing her job she has been doing online courses about becoming a stripper, instead of cleaning properly. And he, as it was yesterday and hadn’t had a sex change, forgot to clean the toilets, and in my book that is almost a sackable offence.” The crew all made various noises of agreement such as “Mmmm.” whilst nodding their heads, before Brian said dramatically “Let us call the Gertrude!” The crew all shouted loudly together as one, “Gertrude! Gertrude!!”and then waited for the appearance of the robot who is now called Gertrude. Gertrude, by the way is a robot in the shape of an elephant, and today she was wearing fur boots, a pinafore, and a maid’s hat, and was much better dressed than usual. The crew looked at Gertrude, the large humungous sentient robotic elephant in front of them and waited for Gertrude to say hello. Gertrude spoke, but today, Gertrude, a now female robotic cleaner, spoke with a female voice. “Gertrude at your service.” she said in a gentle but seductive voice. “Hello Gertrude!” said the crew together, then added “Gertrude, we have a visitor coming over soon, now please could you kindly clean the toilets, and clean them extremely well, as for some reason, the robot cleaner yesterday forgot to do so, and well unfortunately for us the crew, he was too busy taking a course on how to be a male