A spaceman from the planet mars has travelled all the way to the planet Earth to say hello to his online friend, a squirrel who lives on the planet Earth. The cute squirrel came to the attention of the spaceman who was out walking his robotic dog. The robotic dog often stopped to dig holes in the ground on the regular walk along the newly renovated planet that now has an atmosphere, thanks to many kind and generous spacemen and spacewomen who gave their time to raise the funds and make a huge difference to the planet, which is now much more beautiful.

The spaceman from mars was charmed by the squirrel upon talking to it online, via a long distance connection to the planet Earth. Upon meeting the squirrel the spaceman fell in love immediately with its sense of humour and gave it a large glowing acorn as a sign of appreciation. The squirrel was very pleased and went nuts of the acorn and promised to marry the spaceman immediately.