The giraffe had long arms and was playing a guitar and appeared on stage as a hologram. This of course was an incredible sight, and the crowd were going wild as the giraffe was an intergalactic superstar, and it was well known for having a love of houmous, and also for having three girlfriends. Now, quite why you would want to have three girlfriends is anyone’s guess, as it could only be expensive. Brian had trouble keeping one girlfriend, and the rest of the crew were not much more successful either at relationships. The giraffe with arms was called Gerald and he had incredibly beautiful eyes, and he also had a wig. Gerald was a really wild Giraffe and he had become famous for being able to play guitar telepathically. The power of the mind is an incredible thing and Gerald was very intelligent, and he was fond of sitting on the stage at the end of gigs, whilst reading a book and playing guitar telepathically, and also for drinking an alternative version of space juice.

At the front of the stage, a crowd of women had built up and were screaming and were throwing tree leaves at Gerald. Gerald picked up a few of these leaves and then ate them, and then winked at the crowd of women and blew them kisses, before waving at them and then started to talk to the audience.