Whenever would he get a chance to do so again, to throw a coconut at a man’s forehead, a man who willingly allowed him to throw it at him? Brian then tried again, and once more he had to stop himself from throwing the coconut at the man’s already dented forehead. The man looked depressed enough already, and Brian felt bad about even thinking about it. Still, it was the man’s job to have coconuts thrown at his forehead.

Brian, Cedric, Salomina and Karen, stood there in front of the man for a few moments, and looked at him, and tried to imagine the kind of life that the man must lead. It must be a terrible life thought Brian, and Brian had given up on the idea, and he had no stomach for throwing the coconut at the poor miserable man after all. The man then saw that there was nothing happening, and he held out his hands silently towards Brian, and Brian looked at him, and then realised what the man wanted, the coconut. Brian happily gave him back the coconut, and the man then threw it at his own forehead. The sight of this looked absolutely awful and the crew winced in pain at the sight of the coconut smashing into the man’s forehead. The man did not seem bothered whatsoever and he then threw the coconut at himself again. Brian had never seen such unusual behaviour, and he thought about it for a second and then pulled out his mobile phone. The man then picked up the coconut again, and Brian said, “Would you mind if I film you throwing a coconut at your own forehead?” The man then replied, “Yes. Under the regulations, Eric Strudelhofen wishes to see his workers working extremely hard and for the evidence to be spread throughout the universe on social media.