Hello, hello, we are grey aliens, from the planet Pelon five, and by some miracle we have just managed to survive, our mother in laws cooking, which was absolutely disgusting, and so, we tried to throw it away, when she wasn’tlooking, and the food it tasted inedible, and it made us cry, and it made us ill, and because of this, we tried to levitate it out of the window,despite eating more than our fill, but she spotted us unfortunately, and then she turned on the anti-gravity deflector, to prevent our dinners from leaving the room, becauseshe has an iron will, and then she force fed our dinners to us, with a tractor beam, which made us want to rebel,because our mother-in-law is an evil woman, yes, our mother-in-law is from a planet called hell, aplace where evil mother in laws go on holiday, and dream up new foods that torture your intestines, and well, her cooking it made us want to diet and riot, becauseher cooking we could not stand it anymore, so, to drive hercrazy, we sellotaped her to a lamp post, and in front of her atemuch nicer food, like macaroni cheese, and upon her cast voodoo spells,yes, voodoo spells, and then as well, we set fire to her UFO, to prevent her from being able to go to the shops, and to prevent her buying absolute rubbish, which she does very well, and we had fun eating macaroni, and the macaroni was really swell, swell, like the rhythm of the music, and like the cool saxophone, and like calling your loved one, on your intergalactic mobile phone, andwell, our mother-in-law, she was not impressed at all,and she called us all fools, but still we danced in the streetlights, as a crowd gathered as well, and we all really didn’t care, as her food made it us want to tear out our hair, and we were happy that she was really angry as can be, andwe laughed in glee, as people began to moan, about their mother in laws cooking as well, andtogether we said to the crowd, let us all diet and riot,yes, diet and riot, and let us all just say no to any mother in laws cooking,because it never is any good you know, and our mother in laws cooking should banished, ifthey refuse to go on cooking courses, because our mother in laws cooking, will, if we eat any more of it, send us to hell, so, let us upon our mother in laws cooking, cast voodoo spells, yes, voodoo spells, and let us all, diet and riot, and protest in the streets until they give up cooking, because we all do not want to go to hell, and to prevent this, our mother in laws must repent, before their lives are spent, because our lives are precious and are heaven sent, and although some people love their mother in laws, it is not unusual at all, to give them anti-social behaviour orders, whenever they near a cooker, and then ban them from cooking at all, because we would rather face an apocalypse, than face another one of our mother in laws dinners, and we would rather diet and riot, and burn their UFO’s, even if their husbands do not like it all, because we are warriors, yes, we are warriors one and all, and though we may be grey to look at, inside us grey aliens we are all, vibrant andcolourful, and good looking, and very very cool, and we love fine dining, which is much nicer to eat, than our mother in laws cooking, and less devastating to our unusual intestines, which of course, our mother in laws cooking always seems to set on fire, and which always smells, oh, such horrible smells, the smells of hell, against which we the aliens from Pelon five, we do rebel, so will you not join us, if you are concerned, by your mother in laws cooking as well because we will diet and riot, and fight for our right to edible dinners, as our mother in laws UFO’s burn in the streets, and they cry and sigh, and start to wonder why,why they ever cooked dinner in the first place, as upon them we cast voodoo spells, and shout yeah, yeah, yeah, ban mother in laws everywhere until they give up cooking, but until then, cast upon them voodoo spells.